First Buses Dorset Announce Winter Cancellation of ALL Axminster – Weymouth – Dorchester Buses on Sundays

First Dorset bus timetable for Sundays from 19th November won’t take long to read, THERE AREN’T ANY!

For multiple reasons, not everyone has access to a car.

So, if, like me, you find yourself stranded along the Axminster, Weymouth, Dorchester route then I’ve come up with 5 basic principles that the Sunday bus user needs to adopt in order to get by:

  1. Forget about going anywhere nice on a Saturday night and travelling back on Sunday, remember you’re a boring little shit.
  2. Forget about going to visit friends on a bus on a Sunday, remember you haven’t got any friends.
  3. If you work six days a week and want to do your weekly shop on a Sunday, remember you don’t need to eat or buy food.
  4. If you want to visit a local group that only meets on Sundays, remember you aren’t part of any such organisation and should just sit at home on your own.
  5. Forget about a nice visit to the family over the weekend, travelling up Saturday and coming back Sunday, remember your family think you are annoying anyway.

If you adopt my 5 basic principles for survival and accept you are a boring little shit with no friends that doesn’t need to eat, go out and is a social outcast then you will be fine.

Happy Sunday travelling festering at home.

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