About me

Welcome to my personal website which is about, well… me!

I’ve so many other branded websites that I am involved with around the interweb that it could be confusing as to who I am, what I do and why I do it, so here we have the wikipedia of Mark Oborn – kind of a ‘markipedia’ or Mark Oborn Hub!

My Values

Everything I do has to be fun, challenging, stimulating and giving. Everything I’m involved with must always fulfil these basic criteria and this is what I dedicate my life to ‘doing’ and most importantly ‘being’.

My Personal Statement

There’s nothing too deep going in this bit. I just want to be absolutely, totally bloody amazing at everything I do.  I am, and I love it!

My Education

I trained as a dental technician and graduated with a BTEC National Diploma in Dental Technology in 1987, in 2004 I started a Masters Degree in Business and graduated in July 2009 with an MBA from the Open University.

Since doing my MBA I’ve developed a hunger and thirst for self development which culminated in a program of education in NLP, Hypnosis and Coaching. I am now a Certified Master NLP Practitioner, Master NLP Coach, Master Practitioner of Hypnosis and Certified Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy.

 What I do now

I worked as a ceramist dental technician from 1987-2012, running my own lab from 1997-2012 (the lab continues to run and is now owned by someone else), in 2009 I set up my marketing company which specialises in online marketing for dentists.

I work 3.5 days as week and take 11 weeks holiday a year – work/life balance is important.

More information about all of these activities is included in the navigation at the top of this page.

Within each of the other pages in this site there are a variety of different ways of engaging with me and joining in my discussions around the interwebby thing… so what are you waiting for – get clicking and join in!

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