How to recycle coffee pods

Coffee pods are not, on the whole, recyclable or biodegradable.

In 2012, approximately 27,000,000,000 coffee pods were produced worldwide by Nescafe alone.

Sales of coffee pod machines have increased sixfold since 2008.

So how can you recycle coffee pods?

Simple answer, don’t buy them in the first place!

People think that the answer to worldwide waste is to do their recycling, another way of looking at it is don’t create the waste in the first place!

It’s really not difficult. Coffee pods are a symptom of a lazy populous that has lost touch with the effects of their actions as well as the taste of good coffee. Nothing beats freshly ground beans made in either an espresso machine, filter, percolator or aero-press.

Coffee from pods is wasteful to the extreme, more expensive and doesn’t taste as good.





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