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I can’t believe it’s not (Vegan) Butter

I’ve just made by the very first vegan butter, first thoughts, I’m VERY impressed.

Quick and simple to make an extremely tasty… It even melts on toast just like butter is supposed to. Apparently you can’t fry with it but it will work in baking… Looks like I might be making cakes with it soon 🙂


Vegan Butter Recipe

4 tablespoons ground almonds

5 tablespoons any mildly flavoured unsweetened non-dairy milk but NOT soy, and not canned coconut milk

1 teaspoon nutritional yeast

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/2 teaspoon apple cider vinegar

2 tablespoons olive oil standard or extra virgin. Only use extra virgin if you don’t mind a slight taste of olive oil in the finished butter

120mls | 1/2 cup melted & room temperature refined coconut oil it must be refined NOT unrefined

a pinch of turmeric optional but helps make colour a little more yellow


Place ground almonds, milk, salt, nutritional yeast & vinegar into a blender and blend until smooth. If your blender is quite large it will be hard for it as there is so little to blend but stick with it. You can tip the blender slightly to one side to get it to hit the blade more.

Don’t let the blender get too warm while it’s blending or the butter can split a bit. If your blender does run a little warm then blend in short bursts and give it a break for a minute or two in between. I used the smoothie setting on mine.

It needs to be completely smooth with no grainy bits.

Pour in the refined coconut oil and olive oil then blend on full speed until velvety smooth and light and airy. It took about 30 seconds in my Bosch blender . If you have a less powerful blender just keep going for longer.

Pour into a container, cover and refrigerate. A glass jar with a lid is perfect. The time it takes to set will depend on how deep your container is. You are looking at at least a couple of hours although you can hurry it up by placing it in the freezer for a little while.

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