It’s More Than Just the Coffee

As with many things in life there are two ways to make coffee, you can go down the instant route or you can consider making it properly. I admit to both but nothing beats a really great cup of properly made coffee.

The similarities to making coffee and living an enjoyable and happy life struck me quite hard today.

Right at this moment in time, on April 21st 2015 I’m doing everything I can to enjoy every single moment of life. Living in the now has become extremely important, experiencing the joys of seeing the birds in the garden and the sun in the sky. How many times do we miss those things because we’re comparing the now to a flawed reconstruction of the past that we have in our mind, or a poorly thought out construction of what we think our future should be but doesn’t seem to be happening?

Enjoying the NOW is the only way to experience true happiness.

But what does that mean in everyday life?

For me, it means many things but what I’ve recently become aware of is how much we take food for granted. So often we view it as simply a means to stay alive. We shovel it in our faces and wait for it to fall out the other end without so much as a thought as to what it does to our bodies, how it ended up on a plate or, indeed, what it tasted like.

When we experience really good food it’s an opportunity to maximise our senses and enjoy the NOW. This life is an opportunity to awaken and each mouthful is an opportunity to awaken to the beauty that surrounds us.

I want to enjoy this impermanent life, this impermanent life that is nothing more than a splash of a raindrop.

Yes, I’m going to take time to make good quality coffee.

Yes, I’m going to take time to enjoy every single mouthful.

The only constant in this life is time, time is all we have, so with every opportunity I implore you to live truly associated to the now and when you next taste a mouthful of crap instant coffee ask yourself are you making maximum use of the tiny splash of a raindrop that is your life?

So, here’s how I make my coffee (Most of the time)


What do you think?