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What does Mark Oborn Ltd – Online Marketing for Dentists do?

I work online to attract more people to your website, using Search Engine Optimisation (Google #1) and Social Media, then ensure that the maximum number of people convert from your website to become patient, by using email marketing, social media and marketing ‘copy’ on your website – the video above explains how this all fits together.

Why did I set up this company?

When I did my MBA I looked at many industries, analysing what they did that worked and why those things worked. During my Masters Degree I majored in marketing and creativity and recognised certain ‘marketing traits’ that we creeping in to dentistry that I didn’t like.

I saw more and more dentists marketing their businesses like they sold  ‘products’ – product marketing focuses around encouraging the purchaser to buy NOW. Special offers, deals incentives are the name of the game with product marketing.

Dentistry is fundamentally a service based industry, and for this the marketing message should be about reducing risk for the buyer and increasing trust of the dentist… not selling products at discounted rates.

I saw there was also a need to help dentists market their practices online, and so my company was born… I merged my geeky addiction to technology with my MBA in Marketing and my knowledge of the dental industry.

Who do I work with?

I work  with some amazing dentists throughout the UK and have a range of testimonials on my website here.

Working with dentists and their online marketing continues to challenge and stimulate me, I find it fun and love to see the results at the end of each month… while this continues I’m having such a blast there really is no stopping how far this business can go!

2 thoughts on “Dental Marketing

  1. These people really know how to market and they know the ins and out of the adword, which keeps changing and I would highly recommend them for any dentist out there who wants to use them for Adwords campaigns. I’ve been working with them for about 6 weeks now and they have just been really great to work with in setting everything up. Its been really easy, lots of information to use.

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