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free writing - RAGE

Seed Topic – Rage

Written in one hit, no editing, no rewritting – just as it flows.

There is rage, all sorts of rage, rage against humanity, rage against the machine. In fact the machines rule the world.
I can tell they rule the world because they tell me what to do, always bleeping, always shouting, always notify me of the next thing.
And what is the next thing?
The thing which must happen after I’ve finished doing the thing I’m doing now.
And now is something which has to be defined, isn’t it?
Definition is surely subjective – it’s something we take personally and something which is our own, it’s not guided by other people’s thoughts.
Because thoughts begin in the cortex of our brain, dark, lonely and distant from where they emanate, all the way to our mouths.
And now thoughts become the machines of our body, and so the process begins.
The machines around us guide the machine in our body.
The machine in our body builds the machines around us.
We created the machines but we don’t create our machine.
The difference is that the machines around us control us, yet the machine within us is ultimately completely within our control.
And so the rage returns, rage against my own machine, rage against the fact I didn’t realise I could control my own machine.


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