I just like food!

I’m a food lover.
I like thinking about food.
I like talking about food.
I like preparing food.
I like sharing food.
And last, but by no means least, I love eating food.
To me food is more than fuel for the body, it’s a connection with the Earth and the world around us. It’s a connection with all of the people that have put time and effort into growing, distributing and storing the food I buy.
Wherever possible I purchase food locally and support local businesses.
I therefore created a dedicated page on Facebook, it is dedicated to all of the people in the food industry from those that grow it, sell it and work out how to combine it into amazing recipes.
I’m no chef, but I love sharing what I create and rather than pass off these recipes as my own (which would be quite easy to do) I want to support the food writers that have put so much time and effort into their craft.
I may alter some of the recipes to suit my own taste, I may miss out or add a few ingredients but I will always credit the original food writer with links to their bios and websites.
There is no accompanying book to this page, no accompanying website and no accompanying profit to be made.
It’s just about sharing great food and great recipes and supporting the people in the food industry.
We truly are standing on the shoulders of (vegan) giants!
Please do join me